True North Calling

True North Calling is a journey into the unexpected, giving an intimate, inside look at what it really takes to not only thrive but survive in one of the harshest environments in the world.

From the Northwest Territories, to Yukon to Nunavut, we’ll watch as these characters deal with unforgiving terrain, unpredictable weather and unexpected challenges to make a life for themselves, their families and, in some cases, their communities. Through the day-to-day experiences of these captivating characters, we’ll explore the ongoing tension between balancing traditional knowledge against the increasing demands of the modern world.

Franco Buscemi dabbles in stand-up comedy as part of achieving his dream to run for public office and gain the power he needs to lead his community into the 21st century, while still holding down a day job and hunting every day to provide for his family of five. Whitehorse farmers Kate Mechan and Bart Bounds have a dream to create a sustainable farm and achieve food security in the North, while raising their two small children off the grid in a tiny yurt, in one of the hardest places on earth to farm. As a struggling tour operator in one of the most remote regions of the North, Kylik Kissoun Taylor must marry old-world traditions with modern day business savvy. This year he’s got a new idea, a big gamble that — if it pays off — could change everything. And Shawn Buckley, a fourth generation fisherman in Yellowknife, battles the raw elements to fish through two distinctly different seasons while serving the demand for wild, fresh fish in the high-end south and balancing his life as a single parent.

Each of these characters has the same goals most of us have — parenting well, making ends meet, finding enough time in the day to get everything done — but they have to do it in sub-zero temperatures. Yet, as hard as it is to “make it” in the North, our characters find life there deeply rewarding and wouldn’t want to live any other way.

True North Calling will reveal what it really takes to achieve ones dreams in Canada’s toughest terrain.

Fridays 8:30 ET; starting February 17 to April 7.

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